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About Forward Wayne County

Who Are We

Forward Wayne County (FWC) is a nonprofit organization that acts a backbone organization supporting several collective impact coalitions. Forward Wayne County exists as an initiative to better align resources in order to foster a vibrant economy and promote prosperity throughout Wayne County, Indiana.  It focuses on providing support and resources for two key strategic pillars:  Our People and Our Community, these two pillars focus on human capital development and quality of place initiatives.  We believe the initiatives, programs and projects that fall into these key areas will positively impact Wayne County’s big picture goals. Those big picture goals include increasing median income, increasing population, decreasing the number of people living in poverty, and increasing the percentage of people with quality secondary degrees.  

Why We Exist

Wayne County faces persistent and entrenched social problems – often to a greater degree than other communities in the state.  These social problems include:

  • Declining Population
  • Poverty and Food Insecurity
  • Unemployment / Underemployment
  • Low Levels of Educational Attainment
  • Drug Abuse

The root cause of these wickedly complex social problems can often be hard to solve.  As a result, communities need to use a collaborative and collective approach. To leverage this collective approach, we use the Collective Impact Model to address our highest priority needs. This model has proven to be effective in solving some of the toughest persistent social problems many communities face.   

In the backbone role, we exist to:

  • Align on common goals and objectives.
  • Convene key stakeholders from diverse sectors.
  • Connect ideas, resources, talent, and innovation.
  • Evaluate effectiveness, sustainability, and outcomes.

How We Work

We work to be the voice of Wayne County’s vision of the future.  This vision includes seeing Wayne County grow its population, increase the median income and decrease the percentage of those living in poverty.  Forward Wayne County’s key responsibilities include:

  • Guide Vision & Strategy of FWC
  • Support align activities
  • Establish shared metrics and practices
  • Build public will
  • Advance policy
  • Mobilize Funding

Why Do We Need A Program Manager?

We believe it is imperative to have a dedicated person working with the collective impact coalitions, engaging with the community and driving for results.  We are looking for a Wayne County Community Champion that thrives on helping others succeed.   Is that you? Then, read on!

Program Manager Job Description

Below is a list of key responsibilities of the Program Manager:

  • Guide the vision and strategy of FWC by communicating the vision and progress of the high priority work to key stakeholders and the Wayne County Community.
  • Support aligned activities by cultivating relationships with members of the coalitions, support their efforts and provide guidance on how to operate as an effective collective impact coalition.
  • Encourage, coordinate and help the providers of the services to maximize resources that can address the county’s needs, especially in the FWC priority areas.
  • Facilitate the efforts of local funding sources that address Wayne County’s needs, helping them gain the advantages of potential collective impact, especially in areas identified by FWC as special priority areas.
  • Research, validate, manage, update, and report out on the progress of key performance metrics using our online dashboard.
  • Provide guidance and support to the coalitions on goals, objectives and action planning.
  • Help to build and sustain community support of our strategic efforts by telling the FWC story and sharing the results of the collaborative efforts.
  • Influence and work with partners in the nonprofit, private and public sector along with political officials to support key initiatives through public policy.
  • Help to mobilize and maximize funding that support key activities by convening a local funders forum.
  • Be aware and knowledgeable of grants and funding opportunities to share with the coalitions
  • Communicate the work of FWC, partners and the community through a newsletter, social media and media partners.

To be successful in this role you should:

  • be knowledgeable in Systems Change and Collective Impact or have the capacity to learn it and effectively implement these models.
  • be able to wear many hats!  You may be leading a meeting one day and writing a communication for the website the next day. 
  • be able take on multiple projects with ease and confidence.
  • enjoy working with and inspiring community leaders and philanthropists.
  • like encouraging and working with social service and government program providers. 
  • be able to communicate and articulate a clear vision to individuals, groups, and communities-at-large.  
  • be able to move groups from idea to action.   
  • enjoy managing details of projects or initiatives.  
  • want to initiate and love tackling complex problems.
  • be patient and like shepherding the work because this work is hard and often moves at a glacier pace.
  • enjoy celebrating incremental success while driving towards the larger goals of FWC.
  • be driven to see others succeed through your leadership, the heroes in our story are the community members, coalition members, and our partners.  

Minimum skills, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Minimum 5 years of work experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Organized and deadline-oriented
  • Ability to resolve conflict
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Approachable, positive attitude with the ability to adapt to a quickly changing environment

Ideal skills, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Ability to collaborate with a variety of organizations and community stakeholders
  • Knowledge of initiative management; the conception of an idea through implementation
  • Facilitation and/or training experience
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms, and how to create appropriate content
  • Working knowledge of G-Suite, Microsoft Office, MailChimp, and Eventbrite. 
  • Working knowledge of traditional marketing including radio and newspaper

Other considerations:

  • This is not a remote position
  • The person who is selected to fill this position should be willing to reside in Wayne County, Indiana 
  • This position involves learning and gathering sensitive information and therefore protecting confidentiality is sometimes key to this role
  • Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled
  • Salary range for this position is $50,000 – $65,000 based on experience

To learn more about Forward Wayne County visit: www.forwardwaynecounty.org

If you have a passion for the opportunities and challenges facing Wayne County and feel you have what it takes to be successful in the role we encourage you to apply. Send an email a cover letter addressing your strengths relative to the above criteria and a résumé to Support@forwardwaynecounty.org.

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