Forward Wayne County is closing the March focus on the Environment with a guest blog. We asked Dakota Bertsch, Assistant Education Coordinator with the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District, to talk about conservation and sustainability initiatives in Wayne County.

Local Recycling and Conservation Efforts

In this month’s blog, we will discuss what is happening in the Richmond area for the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District (Wayne County SWCD), Wayne Union Recycling (WUR), and the Richmond Sanitary District (RSD). Keeping up to date on what is happening in your community is ALWAYS important, no matter the subject. These three entities play a vital role in keeping Wayne County and Richmond clean, from recycling to urban gardens and everything in between.

Last year, Wayne County recycled 489.62 tons and Union County recycled 114.80 tons, culminating in an outstanding 604.42 tons together (WUR). Between the SWCD, WUR, and RSD, we work hard to show the benefits of recycling and keeping all of Wayne County clean. This past month, we have been working vigorously to initiate some things like an E-waste Day at Seton High School and a waste tire collection to ensure that our rivers, streams, and everything in between stays free of litter.

A Busy Schedule of Events

This coming month, we have our Spring Fundraiser. Check out the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Facebook page for more details. April will be very busy here in Wayne County, with multiple Earth Day celebrations and Wellness Day at Earlham College. We will also start weed wrangles and prepare our rain garden and urban demonstration garden at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

This past month, we had a Conservation Focus Workshop for local farmers to help guide them and give some ideas on how to maintain their fields better and be extra vigilant with chemicals they may use to ensure the safety of animals, wildlife, and water around their farms. In April, a Drone Technology Field Day is scheduled. The event will discuss implementing cover crops and pesticides via drone instead of compacting farm fields with tractors, sprayers, etc. Thank you, farmers, for all that you do. Moreover, a special thanks for being willing to stay up to date on the best practices and chemical management. Particularly working to keep soil healthy for future generations to come!

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of events throughout the summer. I hope to see you there.

A special message from Richie the Recycling Raccoon: don’t forget to recycle!

  • Earlham Wellness Fair- April 4th
  • Family Earth Day Celebration at Cope- April 20th
  • Wayne County 4-H Fair– June 22nd– 29th
  • Drone Technology Field Day- July or August (no date set)
  • Fall Fundraiser- Trees & more- August/September

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