Early Childhood Success

Why is focusing on Early Childhood Success so critical? 

Early childhood education is a proven long-term investment that will return in economic growth and future prosperity. Did you know every dollar put toward early childhood education is both an educational and economic stimulus for American families?  That’s right!  Our investment in early childhood education will result in children performing better in school, creating early education jobs, while enabling parents to earn while their children learn.

However, in Wayne County, of the roughly 2,988 children who need care, only 597 receive high-quality care.  We aim to change that.

How can we improve the current and future lives of our youngest residents?

Forward Wayne County is working to increase access to high-quality preschool education. Forward Wayne County’s Early Childhood Coalition was formed to track and pursue opportunities and resources for parenting education, preschool, and child care.

To learn more about the Early Childhood Coalition visit their Facebook page. To access additional resources visit our Tools and Guides page, or visit Indiana’s Early Learning Advisory Committee’s library.



Research shows a child’s experiences from birth to age 5 have a profound effect on their success later in life, from social and emotional intelligence to health to employment.

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