Educational Attainment

Why Focus On Educational Attainment?

We believe if more of our residents obtain certificates, certifications, licenses, or an Associate’s Degree or higher, our community as a whole will benefit.  In the future, jobs and economic opportunities will require knowledge, skills, and abilities that will necessitate a robust education and workforce development system.

In order to foster a vibrant economy and promote prosperity, Forward Wayne County is working to improve the education-to-work pipeline in Wayne County.

Achieving Educational Attainment is key to creating a vibrant community. As of 2018, only 29% of Wayne County’s adults, ages 25-64, have an Associate’s Degree or higher. 

Our goal is to increase this number by 1% each year and to reach 35% by 2025.  However, that’s not our end goal, we are working to align with the State of Indiana and Governor Holcomb’s goal of 60% over the next 10 years.

EducationalAttainment 2025Goal


Wayne County has 5 higher education institutions and one high school career center.

How Are We Helping Wayne County Achieve This Goal?

Wayne County’s higher education institutions, Indiana University East , Earlham College , Purdue Polytechnic , Ivy Tech and Bethany Theological Seminary along with the Richmond High School Career Center are working help us reach our goal.

Additionally, Forward Wayne County has established an Employability Coalition.  This coalition includes members from our higher education institutions, K-12 schools, employers, and others.  These members work collaboratively to develop programs, initiatives, and more to bring about change.

How are we measuring our success?  You can track our progress towards our goal of 35% on Our Impact page. 

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