Educational Attainment

Education chart

In the pillar of Our People, Forward Wayne County is focused on Educational Attainment.  Educational Attainment focuses on the Path from Pre-K to Post Secondary Education and Families’ Basic Needs and Access to Education. A strong pathway from Pre-K through Post Secondary Education is crucial to developing talent and economic success in Wayne County.  Research shows that educational achievement strongly predicts economic growth.  Expectations of economic growth must take into considering multiple factors that affect families supporting individuals on the Path from Pre-K to Post Secondary Education, such as socioeconomic status.   Families’ Basic Needs and Access to Education being met via community support, policy change, and available resources is important for future success.  In the future, jobs and economic opportunities will require knowledge, skills, and abilities that will require a robust education and workforce development system.  In order to foster a vibrant economy and promote prosperity, Forward Wayne County is geared to evaluate and improve the current education-to-work pipeline in Wayne County.