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Wayne County is rich with programs focused on helping residents develop and hone skills required for many of the jobs available in our workforce today. Working from our strengths will allow us to continue to attract businesses to local communities and leverage the supply chains of existing businesses within our county. Increased awareness of and access to quality of training are critical the development of our rural workforces. Wayne County cannot thrive without a booming workforce and a prosperous economy. To support this endeavor, Forward Wayne County supports programs that promote technical training, soft skills development, and entrepreneurship and partnerships between education, industry, and financial institutions.

Forward Wayne County officially formed the Workforce Development Coalition, which is a collaborative effort with our local high schools, colleges, employers, Chamber of Commerce, EDC, and other to move the dial forward on connecting our residents to opportunities and developing the talent we currently have. The Coalition has agreed on 2 key strategies and 4 projects to focus on:

Strategy: Talent Connection

Talent Connection will be focused on connecting our residents to career opportunities.  To do this the coalition is working to increase the number of internships available for high school and college students along with strengthening programs to support our transitioning workforce.  The transitioning workforce includes individuals who have been removed from the workforce for an extended period of time such as those individuals who have not worked due to raising a family, health issues, offenders, and retirees.

Strategy: Talent Development

Talent Development is all about upskilling and further developing our workforce.  This may include helping businesses embrace digitalization, connecting employers to training funds, and more.

Additionally as part of this work the coalition is leading the way in becoming part of a 21st Century Talent Region.

21st Century Talent Regions use a systems approach to attract, develop, and connect Hoosier talent – and everyone benefits:

  • Students are able to identify a career and education path best suited to them earlier and gain credentials for employment.
  • Educators get the opportunity to further align teaching with the needs of the community.
  • Adult workers are able to transition more easily to new careers if impacted by technology, displacement, or other circumstances.
  • Businesses access the talent they need to grow.
  • Community leaders are able to invest resources to develop, attract, connect, and retain talent.

This program has been effective in other regions in the state and we are eager to implement it here. This is a large undertaking, but a critical next step to move Wayne County Forward and develop a workforce that is responsive to industry needs, ready to work, and sustainable for the future.

Contact us to learn more about this coalition and how you may be able to help. You can track how we are doing on Our Progress page.

If you want a more productive economy, you need to invest in the skills of our workforce.

– Jeremy Corbyn