Wayne County residents have countless ways that they can further their education past high school. Higher education, job training, and certificate programs are all over – as are the tools to help you find and afford them. As we focus on Education this month, read below to find out ways that you can continue investing in yourself in Wayne County!

Higher Education

Wayne County is home to five higher education institutions that offer nearly any kind of field of study a student is looking for.

Bethany Theological SeminaryEarlham CollegeIndiana University East, Ivy Tech Richmond, and Purdue Polytechnic Richmond are all located in Wayne County. Besides educating residents of Wayne County, these institutions attract a large number of students from out of the state (and the country!) for their specialized programs.

Each of these schools offer their own array of degree pipelines, with different focuses between each school. Ivy Tech might be the best bet for someone going into mechanics, while Bethany Seminary would be a better fit for someone seeking their Masters of Divinity. If you’re looking for post-secondary education, check out the programs offered by each of the schools on their websites above!

Job Trainings

If the traditional college path isn’t your thing, no worries. You don’t have to sit in a classroom all day to learn. Programs like Next Level Jobs Indiana can cover the tuition and fees of qualifying certificate programs in Indiana. Their Workforce Ready Grant opens the door to more than 150 programs in high-demand industries like manufacturing, IT, Construction, and more. You can train while you work!

Additionally, for employers, the Employer Training Grant from the Department of Workforce Development helps you train, hire, and retain workers for those in-demand positions! Employers in these high-demand sectors can be reimbursed up to $5,000 per employee that is trained, up to a cap of $50,000. To find out if your business is eligible and learn how to take advantage of this program, visit the Employer Training Grant web page.

Eastern Indiana Works is another organization that educates, trains, and connects employees to jobs across Indiana. If you’re looking for a new career, EIW can help guide you into a career that fits you while connecting you to the training required.

Online Certificate Programs

Maybe you’ve gone through this list, exhausted all the options, and still can’t find a path or career that interests you. In that case, you might look at some online certification options! These can be attractive to many – they can be flexible for any schedule and are often a cheaper alternative to college courses!

One option when considering online certificate programs are courses from colleges and universities. Indiana University, Purdue, and Ivy Tech (just to name a few) have online certification programs. However, the cost of some of these programs can deter some folks.

In that case, online companies like Coursera and Udemy host a plethora of online courses that can provide certifications for countless sectors. Unlike certificates from universities, certificates from sites like these may not always be accredited (although many Coursera courses are accredited through universities and/or companies). However, many hiring managers may still view candidates with these certificates in a positive light, as it shows a dedication and commitment to your field.

Whatever your choice is, it’s also worth noting that many of these online certificate programs have scholarships available! Whether you’re studying UI/UX Design or Accounting, it doesn’t hurt to see if help is there.

With online programs, job training grants, and a wealth of educational resources, Wayne County’s residents have no shortage of opportunities to further their education. You can learn more about Forward Wayne County and what we’re doing to support Education on our website.

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