This month, we are focused on Employability. Wayne County has countless options for bettering yourself, with plenty of career and training opportunities available. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Career Opportunities

For those looking to start a career, Wayne County is an excellent place to set up shop. The county has over 20 industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and much more. The Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County has a list of the area’s Top 50 employers available on their website.

However, the area isn’t home to only these top industries. Wayne County is exceptionally situated to be able to host a variety of career types. Wayne County also hosts food service, technology, lawn and landscaping, and even more kinds of businesses. We highlighted a variety of high growth jobs in Wayne County through our Possibilities campaign.

Students can also take advantage of programs like the Economic Development Corporation’s Find a Job Fridays or the Wayne County Area Chamber’s hiring fair. In addition, many of our local organizations work with area high schools for internships and job shadowing opportunities!

Job Trainings

If you already have a career or are looking to grow into another, Wayne County also has many training opportunities for those looking to grow their skillset.

Eastern Indiana Works serves the Wayne County Area by offering workforce development programs. They offer a variety of services for organizations and individuals, including a career planning program. Learn more on their website.

The Workforce Ready Grant will cover the tuition and mandatory fees for certain high-value certificate programs in Indiana. Visit the Next Level Jobs website to find a list of participating industries and programs.

Professional Development

Besides careers and trainings, there are professional development opportunities in Wayne County.

Groups like HYPE Wayne County allow young professionals to connect and network after working hours. Growing your professional network is an excellent way to create meaningful connections that may help you in your career!

Besides dedicated groups, the area is full of the need for volunteers. Food banks, animal shelters, environmental centers, and more all need the help of the community to survive and thrive, particularly when staffing is an issue.

Nonprofit boards are also an excellent way to develop yourself professionally, grow your network, and help out organizations in need. Donating your time and talents is a perfect opportunity to give back to the community and grow at the same time.

Wayne County has a little something for everyone. Visit the Forward Wayne County website to learn about our goals on Employability and much more!

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