The Office of Community and Rural Affair’s Hoosier Enduring Legacy Program (HELP) supports communities planning to spend their American Rescue Plan funds with capacity building, creating a peer network system between participating communities, developing a strategic investment plan and providing access to an additional $1 million in project funds.

The HELP process seeks to build long-term capacity, develop attainable projects and leave a legacy in the community. 

At the heart of this program are people. People that want to make a difference in their communities. And that means you! The HELP Committee is asking Wayne County residents for their input. Come to public meetings, take surveys, share your ideas, and stay up-to-date with what is happening on this page.

Participating Towns

East Germantown – Economy – Cambridge City – Dublin – Milton – Richmond – Spring Grove and Wayne County

Community Coordinator: Beth Fields | Lead Government Officials: Jeff Plasterer, Mayor Dave Snow

Strategic Investment Plan

Read the final plan here. This plan is based on community input and the projects will have long-term impact for our communities and county. We are truly strengthening local economies; advancing e-connectivity; promoting community wellness; and enhancing our residents quality of life. 

Four Pathways

Advancing E-Connectivity

Seeks to aid communities by increasing or improving broadband access services, promoting digital inclusion, and supporting businesses and organizations that focus on broadband access and technological innovation.

Committee Chair: Acacia St. John

Strengthening Local Economies

Helps communities grow and support robust local and regional entrepreneurship cultivation through innovative programs and capital investments.

Committee Chair: Valerie Shaffer

Promoting Community Wellness

Seeks to expand and improve infrastructure and initiatives related to our people. Public health is important to overall community wellness.

Committee Chair: Sharrie Harlin Davis

Enhancing Quality of Life

Focuses on improvements to the built environment and community infrastructure.

Committee Chair: Mary Walker

Core Team

Doug Brenneke Spring Grove Representative
Terry Craig Milton Representative
Lee Elzemeyer Citizen member
Beth Fields City of Richmond, Community Coordinator
Angel Groves Richmond-Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau
Sharrie Harlin Davis Reid Health Communty Outreach
Steve Higinbotham Wayne County Government
Barbara Irvin Economy Representative
Dr. David Jetmore Wayne County Health Officer
Julie McCarty Dublin Representative
Steve Mills East Germantown Representative
Jeff Plasterer Wayne County Commissioner
Michelle Satterfield Independent Living Representative
Gary Saunders Wayne County Council
Valerie Shaffer Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County
Steve Sorah Cambridge City Representative
Acacia St. John Forward Wayne County/Wayne County Foundation
Melissa Vance Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce
Mary Walker Richmond-Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau


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