Our focus this month is on Employability. NextLevel Jobs, an initiative from the State of Indiana, highlights job sectors with the highest rates of growth across the state and provides training for Indiana residents.

Big Indicators of Success

Building a more skilled workforce is one of the major focuses of Forward Wayne County. Job training aligns with our Big Indicators of Success; particularly as we measure the percent of Wayne County residents with certifications and per capita personal income.

Our Employability Coalition is dedicated to connecting our residents with opportunities in order to develop our workforce. An educated and skilled workforce means a stronger Wayne County for all of our residents!

Read below to learn more about some of the sectors in Indiana with the highest growth and how you can get involved!

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the first sector with the most amount of job availabilities across the state! Careers in this field involve the processing of materials into parts or products and can include planning, management, and more.

The Advanced Manufacturing sector has over 14,000 available jobs, with positions for machinists, CNC operators, and welders.

Wayne County has no shortage of manufacturing positions! Companies like Belden, Primex, and Berry Global (just to name a few!) employ hundreds of skilled Wayne County residents.

Building & Construction

The next field is Building & Construction, with nearly 4,000 available positions across the state. Individuals interested in this field can find careers as HVAC Mechanics, carpenters, electricians, or more!

These careers revolve around designing, planning, managing, and constructing buildings, from commercial to residential and beyond.

Just as the Building & Construction sector is so diverse, Wayne County has plenty of companies that could use skilled workers! Companies like Richmond Power & Light or construction companies like Whitewater Construction or Smarrelli General Contractor INC would be excellent potential fits for individuals interested in this sector.

Health & Life Sciences

Health & Life Sciences, the third job sector, focuses on the planning, managing, and providing of health services across Indiana. With over 12,000 available jobs, this is the second largest career field in the state! Health is the largest industry in East Central Indiana, with over 27,000 workers employed in the field!

Individuals pursuing a career in the Health & Life Sciences field can find positions like medical technicians and assistants, medical coders, dental assistants, and more.

Organizations like Reid Health, Centerstone, Meridian Health Services, and the Richmond State Hospital need driven and qualified employees, and have many employment opportunities in Wayne County and beyond!

IT & Business Services

IT & Business services are some of the most in-demand jobs in Indiana, with over 11,000 job openings on the NextLevel Jobs website. This sector has a more broad focus, with roots in both IT and business management and administration.

Jobs in this sector include IT focused positions like cybersecurity, network specialists, and IT help desk professionals. More business-minded individuals can receive training for positions like Human Resources, bookkeeping, marketing, and so many more.

This sector can be applied to nearly any business in Wayne County that you’re passionate about. Human Resources specialists are key in nonprofits, banking, manufacturing – you name it. IT professionals are key to large organizations like SugarCreek or 3Rivers that deal with large numbers of customers on a daily basis!

Transportation & Logistics

The fifth and final high-growth sector in Indiana is Transportation & Logistics. Careers in this sector deal with the planning, management, and movement of people and goods by road, air, rail, or water.

From mechanics to drivers and everything in between, the Transportation & Logistics sector is a vital part of our economy. There are nearly 4,000 open positions across the state!

Wayne County is home to many companies in the Transportation & Logistics sector. The EDC of Wayne County has a list on their website, including companies like Dot Foods, Osborn International, TBK America, and XPO Logistics.

NextLevel Jobs is just one of the many resources available to Indiana residents. Our Possibilities campaign highlights more high-growth careers and training opportunities right here in Wayne County.

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