December is in full swing, which, like every year, marks the joyous yet sometimes chaotic Christmas season. For Wayne County, it usually means a month full of holiday-themed events, and this year is no exception. Throughout this December, you will find everything from Main Street parades, concerts, theater performances, and all types of community events. It just shows that there is plenty to do in Wayne County. 

The holiday season is an important time for our community, which is Forward Wayne County’s focus for this month. Is it possible to track all of these events, and how do they unite the community? This blog will answer all that and more as we dream of a Wayne County Christmas.

Events, Events, and more Events

This year, it feels like every segment of the community is hosting some holiday event. Whether from the Main Streets of Wayne County to the several arts and culture organizations, something is always going on. Let’s take a look at some of the events happening throughout December.

Main Street is always a staple in Wayne County Christmas celebrations. This is seen with the holiday parades in Richmond and Centerville and other Christmas-themed events in Hagerstown and Cambridge City. Of course, the Depot District is also known for its host of events throughout December. Even if you miss the Main Street events, you can still admire the Christmas lights and decorations while visiting the many small businesses that inhabit our center cities.

If the arts are more your speed, you are in luck, as there is plenty of holiday shows and performances this year. Organizations like Richmond Civic Theater, Reid Center, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, and Civic Hall are all holding performances this month that will fill audiences with holiday cheer. Additionally, Morrison Reeves Library is hosting a holiday jazz concert this year.

Several other community events are happening this year. You can take in Christmas lights with Cambridge City’s annual Celebration of Lights or peruse local farmers and artisans at the Richmond Farmers Market.

This is what we found. Several probably slipped through the cracks.

Even if you miss them, there is always the opportunity to create your own holiday fun right here in Wayne County. Driving around looking at Christmas decorations or celebrating holiday traditions can be just as rewarding.

Bringing the Community Together

The Christmas season naturally brings people together. Whether it be friends or family togetherness, it is always a central theme of the holiday season. Local events throughout December are essential because they reflect this idea. They help show a strong Wayne County community.

December, unlike the other cold months, brings people outside to celebrate. These events provide people a last chance to go out into the community before winter forces them inside. Except for the Meltdown Festival, large-scale community events will probably only happen again in the warmer months.

Outside of coming together, local holiday events allow people to appreciate the local spaces, districts, and landmarks that make up the community and the county. Through these events, you may even see parts of Wayne County you have never seen before.

There is plenty to do this Christmas. Events like this may seem like another holiday tradition, but they help provide the community with a vehicle to come together during a season about friends and family. It is what makes our Wayne County community so unique.

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