How Is Forward Wayne County Guided?

Forward Wayne County is led by a  Steering Committee and a Program Director.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Forward Wayne County acts as a leadership team and provides organizational direction. The Steering Committee also works to influence policy and move resources.  This committee operates using the Forward Wayne County Guiding Principles as a framework on how to make decisions and move forward.  Additionally, this group helps set measurable goals and objectives, assess processes and progress, and provide feedback to help sustain accountability.

Program Director

The Program Director acts as the main point of contact and coordination for Forward Wayne County. The Program Director coordinates with local stakeholders at the individual, group, organization, and municipality level to realize common goals.

Using a collective impact framework, the Program Director acts as a backbone support – planning, managing, and supporting the initiative is the key role enacted to attain goals outlined to address the county’s defined needs.

Guiding Principles

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