Cambridge City

Lackey’s Corner

100 West Main Street, Cambridge City

The massive building located at 100 West Main Street was constructed in the 1840s by local pioneer businessman and builder Sanford Lackey. The structure was nicknamed “Lackey’s Corner”. When originally built, the Lackey family lived in one side of the building and the other half was used for commercial purposes.

Originally constructed in the Federal style, the building underwent massive changes in the 1880s when the new owner decided to modernize the building with bay windows, fish-scale siding, and more. Even the roof was changed from a gable-style roof to a hipped style.

The building has been used at various times as the Telephone Company headquarters, a barber shop, a hat shop, a bank, a pharmacy, a snack shop, a cafeteria, a men’s clothing store, cigar store, harness shop, apartments, a dry goods store and more. The building has recently been remodeled and contains four apartments, a pharmacy, and a nurse practitioner.

Downtown Cambridge City, circa 1900


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