Henry Hall

631 Main Street, Richmond Indiana

Phillips Drugs has occupied this corner for many years, and due to its recent facelift, it looks like a fairly modern building.  In fact, it was originally a three-story building constructed in 1860.  Its first name was Henry Hall, after its builder, but soon became known as the Reed Block when long-time Richmond businessman, Irvin Reed, located his hardware store on the first floor.  From 1868 until the firm closed in 1933, this was the home of Irvin Reed & Son. 

Soon after the hardware store vacated, this became a Kroger grocery store.  In April 1935, a large fire substantially damaged the top floor, which was unoccupied at the time.  As a result, the building was renovated with only two stories, retail on the first floor and offices above.  Kroger remained there until 1949, when a druggist from Anderson, Orla Phillips, opened a new business.  He operated Phillips Drugs until his death in 1956.  In 1958, Raymond Zaleski, who owned Luken’s Drugs, purchased the store and continued running it under the name Phillips Drugs, and it remains owned and operated by the Zaleski family today.


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