We are excited to announce the launch of our Neighborhood Involvement and Community Engagement (NICE!) virtual series.  

Neighborhood Development is one of our key strategic pillars and we’ve decided to take a multi-pronged approach.  Establishing the Main Street Coalition was our first step.  Our role is to guide Main Street organizations to take a collaborative approach to improve our downtown business districts, increasing foot traffic across all Wayne County downtowns, and providing space to learn from each other.   

The second step was to create a program to provide residents and community organizations with the tools, resources, and steps for enacting community development through encouraging residents to become co-producers of their community’s well-being.  We believe it will take collaborative efforts to solve our county’s toughest challenges through asset-based community development and collective means.

What is NICE? 

NICE! Is a 6-part virtual series is to bring together members of the Wayne County community to learn: 

  • why it’s important to have a NICE! Group 
  • how to create a NICE! Group 
  • how to sustain the group’s momentum 
  • how to improve neighborhoods and communities through the idea of social infrastructure and interaction 
Who should join this series?

NICE! is ideal for organizations that work in community development like Main Street organizations, church groups, food pantries, neighborhood associations, and individuals who may want to start their own neighborhood association. This series is for people who have a passion for their neighborhood and the health of its residents.

Why attend?  

At the end of the series, participants will receive a NICE! Certificate.  Not only will participants have the tools and resources to better organize and engage volunteers in tackling projects, they will also have the opportunity to apply for funding to bring a project to life.  By attending the entire 6-part series participants may be eligible to apply for a grant in late May.   

What kind of projects may be eligible?
  • Community events such as block party, holiday celebration, or music night
  • Develop a community space like a small pocket park
  • Create safety watch and camera systems​
  • Coordinate community street clean up and end with a party​
  • Helping paint an elderly or disabled neighbor’s house on your street
  • Create a community-friendly front yard by establishing a Beautification Program​
  • Commission a new community mural​
What to expect?   
  • Action-packed 90 minutes workshops hosted weekly. 
  • Some light homework between sessions will take less than 30 minutes to complete. 
  • Have fun and enjoy connecting with other community development minded people in Wayne County. 
There are 2 virtual series options available:
  • Virtual Series 1 – Every Tuesday Evening from 5:30 – 7:00p from 02/16 through 03/23. 
  • Virtual Series 2 – Every Thursday Evening from 5:30 – 7:00p from 04/08 through 05/13. 
To join Neighborhood Involvement and Community Engagement Webinar Series: 
  1. Complete a quick application form located here.  
  2. Register using Eventbrite when you receive the email. 
  3. Watch for additional emails with links to the participant documents.  

If you have questions regarding NICE! please email support@forwardwaynecounty.org.

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