Our Impact

Measuring Our Success

In order for us to foster a vibrant economy and promote prosperity, Forward Wayne County is focused on measuring our impact.  Our Coalitions, current projects, strategic partnerships, and successes will significantly impact Wayne County’s goals and Big Indicators of Success by 2025. See what we are doing throughout Wayne County.

Current Projects and Initiatives:

  • Our People Projects:
    • Workforce Development Initiatives that will bring awareness to careers and help us move the needle on educational attainment.
      • JA Virtual Elementary Career Awareness Fair
      • Career Awareness Campaign on target occupations in Wayne County
      • Focus groups and surveys
    • Strategic Partnerships to align and progress our Big Indicator goals.
      • Wayne County Broadband Task Force
      • County COVID Phase 3 Relief Team
  • Our Community Projects
    • NICE! Program: Training residents, neighborhood associations, neighborhood groups, and community groups on community development and how to be a change catalyst.
    • Main Street Coalition Asset-Based Community Development: Training our members on asset-based community development from the business side.

Foward Wayne County Coalitions

Forward Wayne County has three active coalitions: Employability, Early Childhood Success, and Main Street. All are working collectively to help us achieve our key goals. We also support numerous affiliate groups throughout the county.

Early Childhood Success
Main Street Coalition

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