Our People

What is a community without people? People are our most valuable resource and Forward Wayne County is working to ensure success for all: from how we treat our youngest residents to the prosperity of working adults to the health and opportunities available for our elderly. Success for our people means success for Wayne County.

As you may have already guessed, it takes a multi-faceted approach to recognize need and opportunity in all stages of life for Wayne County residents – and working to drive those programs forward so that all ages catch up to our goal of prosperity, health, and wellness for everyone.

We have sorted our endeavors into four focus areas:

Navigate directly to those focus areas by clicking on one of the links above. Each focus area will have information and ways for you to get involved with the programs and endeavors that mean the most to you. Share this information with fellow Wayne County residents and see how fast we achieve our goals!

“A crisis gives you an opportunity to see things differently. My hunch is that many organizations will be changing their philosophy and engagement as a result of being forced to see things differently and see new opportunities to serve the community. I think we’ll see a lot of innovation. There’s what’s going to be exciting: seeing how we build back up.”

— Rebecca Gilliam, Executive Director of the Wayne County Foundation

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