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Big Picture Indicators of Success By 2025

In order for us to foster a vibrant economy and promote prosperity, Forward Wayne County is focused on providing support and resources for key strategic pillars, Our People and Our Community.  We believe the initiatives, programs and projects that fall into these two pillars will significantly impact Wayne County’s big picture goals.

Big Picture Indicators of Success by 2025 graph

Forward Wayne County initiative was created to measurably improve Wayne County’s future economic stability through data driven collective efforts. This page provides you with indicators on our county’s progress.

The two key pillars have four key strategic priorities:

Below you will see the big picture indicators that we measure our success against.  With this information, our community can decide priorities, shape and pursue effective policies, and seek external funding opportunities. They can also use the data to drive business and organizational decisions, as well as to build collaboration and partnerships that will result in meaningful change.

Largest Communities in Wayne County