This month at Forward Wayne County, we’re focused on Health & Wellness. Staying active can be a challenge for some people. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some ways that you can exercise during the 9-5!

Turn it Into a Walk

Are you on Zoom calls often? Do you spend a good deal of time making quick phone calls or sending emails? If possible, unplug from the laptop, take your phone, and head out for a walk! It can make some of those menial task a little more enjoyable while also giving you some much needed time to burn off energy.

If you can’t step away from your computer during meetings or phone calls, take a few minutes between tasks or during your lunch to take a quick couple of laps – around the building, around the block, or even just around your office! Progress doesn’t happen all at once – it’s built by small steps.

Sweat it Out at Your Desk

You don’t need tons of equipment to help build strength and mobility. With a little space and a chair, you can exercise right at your desk! Articles like this one from Healthline detail some of the easy exercises that you can do without leaving your office space. Because these exercises are so simple, you can tailor your exercises to fit your needs. Want to build leg strength? Try calf raises or leg lifts. Want to work out your core? Try desk planks or seated obliques! The possibilities are endless.

Chair yoga can also be a great fit for some. The simple poses let you stretch and build muscle right from your office chair (as the name implies)! These poses focus more on stretching and breathing than building or toning muscle, but provide a whole host of benefits!

Train Your Brain

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs regular exercise. Taking a few minutes a day to keep your mind sharp can help you feel more focused and alert! hosts a free daily crossword that you can plug away at during breaks. If you’re more of a numbers person, Sudoku might be more your speed.

And, of course, we have to mention Wordle. If you haven’t heard of it yet (and we’d be surprised), Wordle is a daily word scramble that offers a fun challenge. It’s also a great way to compete with coworkers, friends, or family and only takes a few minutes per day!

Everything’s Better with Friends

Just like with going to the gym, having a partner to keep you accountable makes things easier. Having a coworker accompany you on lunchtime walks can help create a routine – and it’s harder to break when someone is with you! You might even be able to coordinate an office-wide chair yoga class. Get creative!

Wrapping Up

Health isn’t just sweating it out at the gym or going on a run every morning. Any movement that you can add to your day is an improvement! Work within your limits, give yourself grace, and make time for yourself. You deserve it!

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