It’s that time of the year where everyone talks about giving. Between Thanksgiving, GivingTuesday, and the approaching holidays, giving is on the minds of most people in the United States – especially us here at Forward Wayne County.

There’s a lot of talk about giving, but we want to focus on how you can give. Philanthropy isn’t just for the wealthy – everyone has something they can give back to their community!

Gifts of Time

Offering your time to an organization may be one of the most impactful forms of giving. Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteer hours to complete important projects and programs.

On average, volunteers spend about 52 hours per year volunteering. This might not seem like a lot – however, every minute that you volunteer at a local nonprofit helps them serve the community!

Gifts of Talent

Similar to gifts of time, gifts of talent can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Are you particularly good at building websites? Do you have a knack for numbers? Volunteering your skills to organizations can be an amazing gift – particularly for organizations that may be facing staffing issues.

Another option would be to teach your skills to others! Sharing your gifts with others will not only help them grow, but teaching others can also be an empowering feeling for yourself!

Bringing a unique skill to the table can help an organization kickstart a program that they’ve been planning for a long time, or could help streamline some of their processes. And it doesn’t take an expert – just someone knowledgeable with a bit of time to spare.

Gifts of Treasure

Giving gifts of “treasure” – aka monetary donations – is probably what most people associate with philanthropy. While donating might not be the most feasible option, you don’t have to write a check for ten thousand dollars to make a difference. Every dollar donated to a nonprofit organization helps them keep the lights on and allows them to continue serving Wayne County!

If you want to donate to a nonprofit but don’t know where to start, the Wayne County Foundation’s new Nonprofit Database is a great starting point. You’ll find a nearly-complete list of nonprofit organizations in Wayne County. Along with information and a donation link for each of them.

If you’re interested in philanthropic giving and want to see how to create your giving legacy in Wayne County, contact the Wayne County Foundation (765-962-1638). They can help you get started!

If you’ve ever wanted to donate or volunteer, now is the perfect time! The best way is to contact an organization that you care about and ask them what you can do to help.

No matter how you give this season, giving back to your community creates a better Wayne County. Thank you!

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