Forward Wayne County welcomed Dan Duncan, Clear Impact Consultant and author of the whitepaper “The Components of Effective Collective Impact”, to Wayne County for the Wayne County Clear Impact Workshop on November 19. Community members gathered to learn how to communicate program successes more effectively to teams, donors, and other important stakeholders. Complex problem solving can be a difficult task. Dan taught the group about Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and how it can help measure success.

This workshop provided guidance to local non-profit organizations. Attendees learned new ways to communicate successes in a more effective way to their teams, donors and community. Organizational leaders heard how to:

  • Improve grant writing by aligning goals to measurable outcomes
  • Increase collaboration among organizations working to address needs in the same focus area
  • Enhance reporting to boards, donors and funding sources
  • Strengthen their story by connecting the work they do to results that can be seen
  • Visualize successes over time by mapping progress using the Clear Impact dashboards
  • Re-engage their teams by helping them get re-energized and re-engaged about the goals of the organization
  • Realize their impact by identifying powerful measures to determine the progress of current initiatives/programs

Attendees learned a number of new skills related to effective community work and progress-tracking. Participants were presented with information developed to help them:

  • Learn how to effectively implement the principles and tools of effective collective impact and community engagement.
  • Develop a working understanding of the principles, tools, and frameworks of Asset-Based Community Development and Results-Based Accountability.
  • Establish an understanding of the potential of the Clear Impact Scorecard to help drive and communicate the work of Forward Wayne County.

A number of materials were provided prior to the event. If you were unable to attend the event, do not worry! Materials are available below for review. Be on the lookout for additional programming related to Asset-Based Community Development, Results-Based Accountability, and Scorecard Development!

Wayne County Clear Impact Workshop Materials