This month, we welcomed a new team member of the Forward Wayne County team, Seth Stegall. We asked him to share his story and what he hopes to accomplish in his new role.

Hello there! This blog may be a reintroduction for some of you and, for others, a new face. My name is Seth Stegall, and I started my new position as Communications Coordinator for the Wayne County Foundation. In this capacity, I will be helping the Foundation and Forward Wayne County spread organizational information, engage with local audiences, and tell meaningful stories from the community.

I am a lifelong resident of Wayne County, growing up in Richmond and graduating from Centerville High School in 2017. I hold a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Ball State University. Some of my hobbies include collecting vinyl records, amateur photography, and riding bikes throughout Richmond.

Professional Background

My professional background is a bit complex as it splits between public relations, nonprofit work, and community development. I went overboard in college and completed around ten internships with various places. Those organizations involved local nonprofits, advertising/marketing firms, and a regional planning district. Interestingly, one of those organizations was Forward Wayne County in 2019.

While my experiences transcend several disciplines, I have always been passionate about combining my public relations and community development work. I am fortunate to have been involved with several organizations that allowed me to explore that interest. Knowing that some of my work has had positive real-world impacts is comforting. That is part of the reason I was attracted to working with the Wayne County Foundation and Forward Wayne County.

My first day as an intern with Forward County in 2019.

Back Home Again in Richmond, Indiana

Unlike most recent college grads looking to escape the confines of their small town, I took a different path and returned. There is something special about Wayne County that draws you back, and after being involved with several local development efforts, I could not leave just yet. Working in community development gives you a unique perspective and allows you to better understand and love where you live.

There are so many people across the county doing outstanding and impactful work. I have had the pleasure of working with some of them in the past through internships. I am eager to have a role in that area, whether it be large-scale projects like READI 2.0, HELP, or smaller initiatives in the neighborhoods.

Wayne County has been my home, and it has given me several opportunities to learn and grow. I have made meaningful connections and seen several community projects come to fruition. I want to help people see the Wayne County I grew up in. It is a distinctive place, and the people here are passionate about advocating for their community.

Looking Forward

It is an exciting time for my career as I begin to take my first steps into a new role that is not an internship. This will be an exciting journey to see how I develop in this role. I am excited to have a new challenge and share some of my talents with Wayne County. This is a way to give back to the community that allowed me to have opportunities to become more.

My ultimate goal as Communications Coordinator is to tell Wayne County’s story. I hope to act as a resource and advocate in this position and get reacquainted with the area to make more connections. If you have a story that you feel needs to be told, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I can be reached at my email

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