In the month of November, Forward Wayne County is focused on Giving. That’s why we wanted to highlight the upcoming Community Thanksgiving Dinner from Western Wayne Schools.

All Hands on Deck

When Andy Stover, Superintendent of Western Wayne Schools, began planning their upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, two things were important. Getting as many community members as involved as possible, and showing support for the Western Wayne community. The first part was easy.

When it comes to members of the Western Wayne School, everyone is chipping in. Meals will be prepared by Lincoln food service staff and the dinner will take place in the middle/high school cafeteria. Teachers, staff, and students are volunteering their time for decorating, serving, greeting, and more. And, during the meal, the school choir will provide entertainment.

While the school is doing their part, the community support for this dinner is truly inspiring. In just a few weeks, Western Wayne Schools has received around $5,000 in donations from local businesses and partners. Some have pledged monetary support while others are donating food towards the dinner. The Dublin Fire Department has even volunteered to deliver meals to community members who are unable to attend in person.

Giving Back to Western Wayne

The Community Thanksgiving Dinner is a love letter to the Western Wayne community. Lincoln High School is opening their doors to Western Wayne and beyond, extending invitations to the dinner to anyone in Wayne County who wishes to celebrate.

During my conversation with Andy Stover, he mentioned that he’s been incredibly impressed with the huge outpouring of support from organizations in and around Cambridge City. They are prepared to serve 400 to 500 full Thanksgiving meals at no cost to attendees, for no reason other than Western Wayne Schools wants to give back to its community. That’s what giving is all about.

For those interested in attending the dinner, you can RSVP here (registering is not required, but helps staff know how many meals to prepare for). Or, if you’re interested in volunteering your time, call the administration office at (765) 478-5375.

To keep up with what Western Wayne Schools are up to next, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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