Forward Wayne County’s Employability Coalition kicked off their Possibilities career awareness campaign last week. It’s been a labor of love and hard work. Lots of hard work.

It has been a sold 18 months of ups and downs, but many things have remained the same including Wayne County’s need for workers in all industries. This is not a secret. The Employability Coalition is doing their part to introduce and affirm career awareness for the adult population.

They want people to get back to work. And they want people to explore the possibility of furthering their education. After all, Wayne County needs you.

More importantly, they want our residents to know that they have possibilities right here in Wayne County. You can get educated here, employed here, and grow here. You can level up your life here.

Everyone’s career path looks different. The same for education. But a change of course is possible in whatever stage of life you are in.

In a previous blog, Forward Wayne County said possibilities mean opportunities. This campaign shows that.

The Coalition has created an explainer video, job cards, links to training providers and employers, and career pathways. The neat thing about these career pathways is that they have been verified and approved by Wayne County employers. Real stuff.

Real Possibilities

The career pathways show our residents where they may start in a career, but also where they could go. Sometimes it is hard to see the full picture. The career pathways give you a glimpse of your potential with just a little more education and experience.

The Coalition has also tried to incorporate Spanish versions into a majority of these pieces. They want to reach all of Wayne County’s workforce.

You will start seeing a new career pop up every two months. And most of them are tied to Next Level Jobs. Meaning you can have your training paid for by the State. Think about that.

Real jobs. Paid training. Local employers hiring. A career pathway. You could be on your way to a new you and a new life.

The Coalition wants to do more. And they know that Wayne County can help them get the word out. Please consider sharing Forward Wayne County’s social media posts and guide people to our campaign page. Finally, when you see the billboards around the county, encourage others to take advantage of the possibilities in Wayne County.

Most of all, help them share this message: You can level up your life in Wayne County. We’ll help you get started.

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