Local high school and college graduation season tends to be a bittersweet time for us. We’re thrilled to see our students reaching these milestones, but we know that graduation also tends to signal a mass exodus of young residents leaving Wayne County to make a home elsewhere in the county.

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“Brain Drain” is the exit and movement of educated residents. Generally speaking, residents leave their home region and relocate to greener pastures for perceived better opportunities. This means that places like Wayne County stand to lose young people trained in trades, professions, and those with graduate or other professional degrees. In fact, the United States government is so worried about the movement of its educated citizens that there is a tracking program to see which locations suffer the most or gain from this migration. If you’re curious, you can pull up the data by year here.

Despite this trend, young professionals are choosing to stay in Wayne County – and we’re thrilled to see it. One young resident published an article on this very topic: 8 Reasons Why I Chose to Call Wayne County Home. You may want to share this with any recent or upcoming graduates in your life and ask their thoughts on these reasons and what they think about making a life in Wayne County. Did Ms. Deer miss any important benefits of staying in Wayne? Let us know!

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Photo credit: CityLife.FYI

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