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Forward Wayne County is a backbone organization that serves as a catalyst for change in Wayne County, Indiana. We are also a community development arm of the Wayne County Foundation.

Our role as backbone support is a critical condition for collective impact. In fact, the lack of a strong backbone is the number one reason that collective impact initiatives fail.

Our goal is to support a county-wide collective effort to attract, develop, and retain a highly competitive workforce to meet the current and future needs of our area businesses and industries.

Wondering what Collective Impact is?  Don’t worry, we wrote all about it in our article, Collective Impact for a Thriving Wayne County.


Measuring what matters, this information helps decide priorities, shape and pursue effective policies, and seek external funding opportunities.


Improving the lives of our Wayne County residents through education and development.


Improving our environment, neighborhoods, and the quality of life for our Wayne County residents.


Access useful guides, tools, and resources for service providers, community organizations, and partners.

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Resources for Early Childhood Development in Wayne County

Resources for Early Childhood Development in Wayne County

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Early Childhood Success in Wayne County

Early Childhood Success in Wayne County

For the month of June, Forward Wayne County is focused on Early Childhood Success. We asked Ashley R. Stephen, Executive Director for CAECI Head Start and Early Head Start, to speak about the programs he oversees. Twelve years ago, I was offered employment with the...

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