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Systems Change Designed To Tackle Tough Problems

In the pillar of Our Community, Forward Wayne County is focused on Systems Change through our Steering Committee. Long-term systemic change requires a deep understanding of how to influence policy and move resources appropriately.  Our committee will do the hard and complex work of systems change that will pave the way for a vibrant economy and promote prosperity.

A key component of Forward Wayne County’s success is enacting this framework to create long-term change. Systems change, or sometimes referred to as systems thinking, is about addressing deep-rooted problems in society. The idea is to bring about a positive social impact. Any complex social problem is tangled in a system – and by changing the system we can solve these complex problems.

Our Steering Committee will serve to make the structural changes within policies, practices, and resource flows that – when redirected – can make significant progress in improving the lives of every Wayne County Resident.

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Ideas To Implementation

This level of change requires more than a theory, it takes a plan that includes people, partners, and a platform.  Our Strategy is our guide and our plan involves working closely with our partner organizations and the people in our committees to bring this work to reality.  Follow along in our journey by subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

“As system leaders emerge, situations previously suffering from polarization and inertia become more open, and what were previously seen as intractable problems become perceived as opportunities for innovation.”

–Senge, Hamilton, and Kania (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

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