Arts and Culture

Why Focus On Arts and Culture?

Wayne County has a strong history in the area of arts and culture. Did you know there is a connection between the arts and economic prosperity? Yes, it’s true!

The Arts and Economy 5 reports that the nonprofit arts industry generated $166.3 billion of revenue in 2015. It gets better, In Americans for the Art’s 2016 survey of 3020 adults, a whopping 87% of Americans believe arts & culture are important to local businesses, economy and to the quality of life.

As Forward Wayne County supports the attraction and retention of talent through the county, great importance will be placed on our arts organizations to celebrate diversity and increase cultural competencies, making Wayne County a place that everyone is proud to call home.

Arts and Culture
“Wayne County and the community it serves has an enduring history of being arts-focused. We are creators, artists, and achievers who think creatively to solve problems by working together. The arts contribute to the community’s ability to attract and retain a talented workforce making it a vibrant place to work, play and live.”

– Shaun Dingwerth
Richmond Art Museum

By supporting all areas of Wayne County arts and culture, we can inspire our youth to pursue higher levels of educational attainment, improve housing values, increase our population, and decrease local poverty levels.

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